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One of the hallmarks of the West End Phoenix is paying a healthy and reasonable rate to our contributors.

By supporting the paper, you are supporting the photographer that lives on your street, the writer you meet in the bar (it’s always a bar) and the illustrator scribbling away in your neighbourhood café.

So far, some of our country’s greatest artists have said yes to patronage — Margaret Atwood, Yann Martel, Jeff Lemire, Serena Ryder, Sam Dunn and Guy Gavriel Kay among them. We hope you will too.

$25,000 Issue Sponsor

At our highest level of sponsorship, Issue Sponsors receive exclusive logo placement beside the headline on page one of the issue, along with a quarter-page story inside the back cover that captures the spirit of the West End through your lens.

Online, Issue Sponsors will receive prominent homepage recognition and a detailed profile on our Sponsors page.

Additional perks: a Legends of the Press hockey jersey, invitations for you and a few friends to the VIP table at the Phoenix Rises and (of course) a subscription delivered by Dave Bidini.

$5,000 Founding Patron

As a Founding Patron, you’ll receive prominent recognition on the inside back cover in every issue of the West End Phoenix during our first year. Online, you’ll have name or logo placement on the homepage and a profile on the site. We’ll deliver a copy of every issue to your door, give you plus-ones to all of our celebrations, shout your name from the stage with gratitude and save a chair for you at the office any time you want to drop by, sit in on a story meeting, pick up a free T-shirt or just hang out.

$200 – $1,000 Community Patron

We want all our readers to know about our Community Patrons. That’s why you’ll have your name in the paper in every issue for a year. As well as a big thank-you on the website, you’ll get a hand-delivered copy of every issue, a plus-one to the Phoenix Rises and serious bragging rights.


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